Debut Music Video

Koyza is excited to be releasing his first music video from his up and coming debut album – X1.
The song is called ‘Feels good’ and is an independent release on his own label ‘Koyza Music’.
The song is a club track of his own design: co written and produced alongside Mark Binge, the music video by Videoink.
Koyza’s music has already received radio play in the US on stations such as: 103.1 Kiss FM, 96 FM The Beat, Cyber Music Box, Dominion Global Radio, KJX FM, Party 105.2, Wild 98 and more.
Koyza is a Brixton-based writer and producer with a zest for life who aims to bring positive vibrations to people across the world. He is passionate about the lyrics he writes and pours a deeper meaning into the songs: quite a rare thing in dance music.
His love for recording and releasing music is his focus, therefore he has a high output of material and is already half way to recording his second album Here’s what people are saying about Koyza’s music:
“I love the music…it’s got depth, soul and a great beat “
(Joe Hart, Hart Media)
“The tracks have such a positive vibe, they get inside your head and stay there…it’s the kind of music that is uplifting and makes your day feel brighter.”
(Alison Ive, Marketing Consultant)

“This music will come into its own on a club dance floor”
(Lawrence Pollitt – LP Records)
Email: [email protected]